Magpie Salute

Magpies are revered by ancient and indigenous cultures throughout the world. Being symbols of happiness, good luck, and bringers of good news. It is said that magpies are the bridge between dark and light, and some cultures salute magpies when seen to ward of bad spirits and to say that they come in peace.

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Photographs: Watercolors

$200.00 FRAMED - 8x10
$300.00 FRAMED - 11x14
$500.00 FRAMED - 16x20
$900.00 FRAMED - 20x30
$69.00 PRINT ONLY - 8x10
$95.00 PRINT ONLY - 11x14
$250.00 PRINT ONLY - 16x20
$500.00 PRINT ONLY - 20x30
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