Lion in Winter

The cougar, also called the mountain lion, puma or panther, is the largest member of the cat family found in North America. Male cougars like this one can weigh 150 to 200 pounds and may be 9 feet in length from head to tail. They hunt mainly at night with the aid of their eyes, which are the largest among carnivores in relation to their body size. While cougars feed primarily on deer, they may prey on something as small as a rabbit or as large as an elk. They almost always feed on fresh meat and will rarely scavenge a carcass. This mountain lion was confiscated from hunting outfitters who were in possession of him illegally. He is now a resident of Wet Mountain Rehabilitation Facility, where he is cared for by Tom and Cec Sanders.

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Photographs: Luster Lams

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Photographs: Watercolors

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